Foreign students can apply to receive financial assistance from several scholarships, the majority of which are administered by the Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange (NAWA). There are several kinds of scholarships, which can either fully or partially cover tuition fees.

Other scholarships can be found through the government, charitable foundations, or universities. While some are specific as to who can apply, others are open to everyone, even foreign students coming from outside of the EU. Still, Poland is unique

How to qualify for a scholarship

First, to qualify for an academic scholarship at an institute of higher education, a student has to have completed his or her secondary education, and plan to enroll at a higher education school in Poland. Diplomas or leaving certificates have to go through a verification process, and all students have to have completed a medical exam before entering Poland.

Foreigners with Pole cards qualify for some, but not all, scholarships. Students with temporary residence permits or visas, however, are ineligible for scholarships unless they, or a family member, meet the required criteria of Polish law.


Scholarships within bilateral agreements

Some scholarships are paid for by the Polish government, or by one of its foreign partners. The amount received from these scholarships depends on what field of study the student is pursuing. When researching scholarship opportunities in Poland it is worth it to first check and see if your local government has any scholarship programs specifically for studying in Poland. You can also find out more information from the Bureau for Academic Recognition and International Exchange (BUWiWM)

List of Scholarships

The amount given by each scholarship varies. Some fully fund students for their entire academic experience, while some only cover tuition fees or living expenses. The fully-funded scholarships are usually just for doctoral and post-doctoral students.

Here is a list of just some of the scholarships you can apply for in Poland:

CEEPUS exchange program – The program is comprised of 16 Central and Eastern European countries, whose exchange students do not have to pay tuition fees while studying in the host country.

Eastern Partnership and Post-Soviet countries scholarships – The scholarships offered through this program are funded through the Konstanty Kalinowski Foundation and are meant for Belarusian students pursuing their BA, MA and Ph.D. studies.

Fulbright Programme – This is a cultural exchange program between the United States and Poland that offers grants to citizens of either country who want to study, teach, train, or perform research in both countries. The Polish-US Fulbright Commission rewards the grants after acceptance into the program.

Gdansk University of Technology – The Gdansk University of Technology is now accepting applications into several of its departments to fill a number of Ph.D. positions. These positions are open to students from all over the world and will fund Ph.D. candidates for a total of four years while they work towards their academic goals.

Government of Poland Łukasiewicz Scholarship – This scholarship is given to students who received excellent grades and participated in extra-curricular activities in their last school. It is usually awarded to students working towards their bachelor’s or master’s degrees. Anyone who already holds a master’s degree is not eligible. Applicants must also have at least a B2 level of English proficiency.

Lazarski University Scholarship – This scholarship is available to local and international students, both current and future. The funding amounts to about 20,000 PLN per year, which can pay for all or just a portion of the academic fees and expenses, depending on the program. While it is open to all areas of the study, the award money varies depending on what field their study is pursuing.

Maria Curie-Skłodowska University ScholarshipThis university awards fully-funded scholarships to students whose achievements have been recognized as above average. They can apply their funding to programs like International Relations, Tourism Management, Graphic Arts, and Business Analytics, etc.

Scholarships for citizens from developing countries – These scholarships are funded by the Polish government and are meant to help doctoral candidates in technical fields pursue their research.

SWPS University of Social Sciences and Humanities ScholarshipThis scholarship is given to around 10 students each year as part of their undergraduate English program.

University of Warsaw Ph.D. Fellowship: This scholarship is awarded to Ph.D. candidates who want to do research on nanostructures, using hyperbolic metamaterials and compressive imaging.

Ulam International Programme – This scholarship is administered by the Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange (NAWA). It covers a stipend for its recipients in the amount of 10,000 PLN. Only scientific researchers who have a Ph.D. are eligible to apply.

Visegrad Scholarship Programme – Scholarships through this program cover between 1-4 semesters of master or post-master study. The heads of the International Visegrad Fund are responsible for managing and awarding funds.


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