Warsaw is an exciting city, full of things for everyone to do. Given its cheap incoming flights, central European location, and international hub for business, tourists and business travellers alike flock to the city at all times of the year. Warsaw has 2 international airports that service flights to 120 destinations in 65 countries. Travellers from all major European cities can reach Warsaw in under 2h 30min.

While it is full of rich history and architecture, it is also one of Europe’s most rapidly developing cities. So when you look around, you will see a blend of both old and modern features, which give the city a fun energy. Ancient palaces and churches mix in with modern squares, parks, and gardens. There are several large spaces of undeveloped land that are currently attracting investors. These spaces represent an exciting potential to define the atmosphere of the city in coming years.

During the summer months, the city buzzes with energy. People spend much of their time outdoors as the cafes and bars create open-air spaces for mingling, dancing, and listening to concerts.

If you like history, you can walk along the Royal Route that connects the residences of former Polish leaders; then you can stroll down to the Vistula River to see the modern thoroughfares that span the spaces between the Multimedia Fountain Park and the Copernicus Science Centre.

If you enjoy exercising outdoors, Warsaw’s other shore has excellent bike paths, opportunities for water sports, and comfortable places to relax on the beach. Almost fifty percent of the city contains green spaces. There are over 95 parks, with Łazienki being one of the most popular.

Warsaw is a city well recognized with the CEE region for its booming business opportunities. As the capital city of Poland, there is lots of activity in the areas of administration, politics and policy, and financial dealings. Residents enjoy a high quality of life as jobs and GDP continue to increase. Currently there are more than 400,000 business entities with branches located in Warsaw.

In addition to its business-friendly policies that allow new residents to easily start new business ventures, Warsaw also attracts many international students for its excellent universities.

For more details about Warsaw and its sightseeing opportunities, you can visit: https://www.poland.travel/en/cities/warsaw