The last stop on our Eurotrip turned out to be absolute icing on the cake. Gdańsk, the port city of Poland, was the perfect enchantress with mood-lit ports, fine architecture, breezy coast, and exuberant atmosphere yet basking in the festivities.

The city was our concluding destination before we boarded the intercity train to Warsaw for my onward flight to New Delhi. I have to tell you that Poland’s fourth-largest metropolitan city is by far the most attractive metro city I have been to. Kissed by the Baltic Sea in the North, Gdańsk still revels in its magnificent history.

The city is fitting in numerous ways when contrasted against other Polish cities. More English-speaking/understanding people, better tourist amenities (exchange counters), fine architecture, and unparalleled coastal charm are my top pick while maintaining Gdańsk as Poland’s best.

Save a day or two, and you can plan on a church excursion, city-hopping, museum visit close to Gdańsk Port, or just go for a walk through the not-so-busy bylanes with gothic structures overlooking from all around. The city has everything perfect about it and pictures stand by all the bragging!

How to reach Gdańsk

Gdańsk is well-connected by flights from all the major cities across the world. While the intercity train is quite popular and well used in this part of Poland. Frequent trains ply from Gdańsk Główny to Kraków (584 km in 6 hours) and Warsaw (417 km in 4 hours) while buses are available from the bus station to most of the major European cities.

Map of Gdańsk

Here’s how we made the best of our 24 hours in Gdańsk!

Soon after reaching the city, we headed to the port area. It was lit!

Loved posing at Mariacka Street (Ulica Mariacka) – among the most scenic spots in Gdańsk

Passed by this college of Arts couldn’t resist a click! No, that isn’t a monument!

Continuing the series, we posed at the iconic spot in Gdańsk near the port

And that’s the look-alike of Black Pearl Pirates Of Caribbean fame!

Then we went shopping at the biggest shopping arcade in Gdańsk City Center. This is one of the entrances.

photo by @whistlinghound

Took the customary selfie near Gdańsk Museum.

Did some street photography in the City Center. I timed this one just perfectly.

Took a lot of street pics. This is special, for it belongs to the iconic clock tower street

Yet another selfie by the port. It was a wonderful moment watching those adorable swam swimming across the canal

Walked this iconic crane located right next to the National Museum in Gdańsk

National Museum TripAdvisor reviews

Enjoyed riding & clicking pictures of the Ferris wheel

photo by @whistlinghound

Loved clicking the Clock Tower with Christmas Tree by its side

Headed to the Sopot Beach before sunset

Found these colourful shells lying on the sand

And I caught these wonderful seagulls flying with the colossal sea in the backdrop

And this is the Mc Donald’s located next to Gdańsk Główny

After a full day of the exhausting journey, we

treated ourselves to some mouthwatering Thai Food

That’s what happens when you are made to wait for the food

Couldn’t resist clicking the tasteful interiors of Thai Thai thriving amid lush green

Thai Thai: Website | Reviews

During evening strolls I happened to click this – one of my top favourite cityscapes from Gdańsk

And then I said goodbye to Gdańsk. This is the parting picture taken at Gdańsk Główny Railway Station

Thou shalt be missed Gdańsk!

For a place as captivating as Gdańsk, you need to allow yourself to ease up and stroll around the Victorian city streets. And you will leave this place only to realize that it changed you forever. Gdańsk will leave you as its true admirer!

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